Everyone asks “When are you guys getting a show?”

Well that question is about to be answered….

We are building two very special cars, one for SEMA and one for AutoRama.

We have a producer and some funding to film a documentary we will call “The Road to SEMA”. We are going to show case the full build from day one thru the time the car hits the stage at SEMA. We will release small clips on our YouTube Channel and you will find out more details over the next few days. Please subscribe to our channel. There is no cost and it should be a fun watch!!

Thanks for all your support!

Ice Nine Gear!

I want to give a BIG heart felt thank you to all of you that have ordered from our new on line store! I always get asked for Ice Nine gear and with a ton of help from Shelby and Sherry we have some stuff that I feel is worthy of our name. We are working on some killer shop shirts that all the guys here wear and you will be able to order the same exact shirt.10394795_1088007064558649_8488804497169907919_n 10998886_1088007014558654_6104468504133120899_n

GT350R. Damn.

Kudos to the boys and girls in Dearborn. What an amazing car… Check one as soon as you can!10960342_1083627941663228_5668417389678941440_o 10384535_1083627954996560_340917760268320902_n

Here’s to a great 2015

The guys have been kicking ass here at the shop and knocking out some beautiful work as usual but this year is already off to a better start. We have a couple new OEM clients and already making a strong plan for an amazing car for SEMA this year!

And now back to work…..



SEMA Award winner for sale



Fancy an award winning car? Perhaps your looking to go rally? We have a couple of sweet rides are up for sale here at Ice Nine Group. Give Keith at the shop a call if you have any questions…

10255493_875382469154444_9192655751968068378_n 10363091_968440509848639_9016373972315281464_n

Another custom 2015 Mustang from Ice Nine? YEP!

We have been really busy at the shop and have a cool project wrapping up for the Detroit Lions. Jump over to the Ice Nine Facebook page to see more of this sweet ride that YOU can win!

Lions Edition 2015 Mustang by Ice Nine

Lions Edition 2015 Mustang by Ice Nine


Stone Soup 2014

Stone Soup 2014

Just a quick peek at the 1970 Pontiac Trans Am we are building for WCSX radio this year. As usual it’s going to a good charity and you can buy your tickets at http://www.wcsx.com

We are also going to be having a big Stone Soup party here at the shop in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that!!


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