One last but very important post…

With the big change that recently took place I will be posting over at my personal blog from now on. You can find it at https://keithstrongdesigns.wordpress.com

Please take a minute and check it out. Be sure to read the “About” section. It’s very important and my answer a lot of questions you have.

Thanks and here’s to the future!

My year with the 2015 Expedition

Be sure to check out my personal blog and the review of what turned out to be an amazing truck at https://keithstrongdesigns.wordpress.com



The only constant is change.

Back in April we had to make a very hard and life changing decision and were forced to leave our home of about 5 years. We were given 72 hours to pack and make our way out. To say the least I was in shock but sometimes that’s the way it works. We made a call to stop the onslaught of rent and try to get our own place. We happened to be chasing a place for a year and it came to us the same day we were asked to leave our building. so t say it was a whirlwind is an understatement. I tried everything possible to correct and save what we had built for 13+ years and it just wasn’t to be. Sometimes throwing money at an issue is not the answer and a hard change went down. I tried really hard to handle everything the best I could. Some things I did and some I simply failed. No other way to word it. the whole emphasis to handle the task was dumped in my lap and I did the best I could. If I upset anyone you have my heart felt and deepest apologizes.  Hurtful things were said by many people including myself. I am sorry. I am very proud of the guys who I have worked with over the past few years and I truly wish them the best of luck.


But with change comes opportunity. And that’s what is happening now.There’s many new things on the horizon and I am going for it full throttle. I feel really good as of late and I am going to keep the positivity up and I hope you guys are still with me as I move on.


Please follow me at Keith Strong Designs on InstaGram, Facebook, here thru word press and @_mastercylinder on Twitter. There are still some great guys working with me and now I will be very selective about the projects I take on. I am finishing the cars I’ve been committed to and then you will see the change in my creative outlet. Please come with me for the ride!


Big changes for us!

It’s true. Sadly we are no longer in the building on Macomb Industrial. While we worked very hard to make that place our long time home it just did’t make sense to stay there any longer with the amount of rent we were paying. It was like we were never getting ahead.So instead of throwing any more money at the problem we decided to fix it… and we did BIG time!

We have now purchased our own shop! Man I can’t tell you guys what a relief it is. We have signed the contracts and should have the mortgage done this week. A fresh coat of paint and we are back to work!

I will fill everyone in on the details as soon as I can. To all our followers, thanks for your support! To all of our vendors, thanks for your patience!! To all of our clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your allowing us to work on such important cars as yours, Thanks! And to our friends and family…I love you guys!

The biggest thing to expect from all this is a very happy crew and faster and more efficient turn around time for your projects!

Stay tuned!

Nice cameo from the SS Chevelle

Remember the beautiful blue and white SS Chevelle we painted a couple years ago? Well it got used in a commercial for OnStar! We are going to try to post up a link for the video soon!



Video Here

Live broadcast today from the shop!


Sorry for the time change but there is a TON of activity on the car right now so stay tuned for the broadcast shortly…



Hey everyone! We are going to do a live Periscope broadcast from the shop around 11am today. Be sure to log into and follow @_mastercylinder (Keith) to watch. We will be talking about the Shelby GT350R we are doing for the Cattle Baron’s Ball event.

Another beautiful GT350R here in the shop

We have been asked to do a bunch of upgrades to a very special GT350R.

Read about it here:GT350R Cattle Baron’s Ball


Cattle CB01