Back from SEMA!

We had a really good trip, won an award and broke Twitter with the unveiling of the Transit Connect Hot Wheels Edition that we built. No joke. 1.8 million hits to Ford’s Twitter account in 14 seconds. Not bad.

We have a lot of really great people to thank for their support this year so here goes:

On the Fiesta ST we want to thank Tim O’Neil and his crew at Team O’Neil Motorsports. Tim’s guys are amazing. They are legends in the Rally Car world and they leaned on our little ST to make it a true race car, Patrick at SCT, Falken Tire, Paul from Braid Wheels USA, Jeff, Chad and Chris from W2 Graphic/Wrap Mafia for the killer wrap job, Driven Steering Wheels, Cobb Tuning, Gale, Gil and the guys at Banks Power and Mark at HR&D Engineering for the amazingly quick job on our rotors. Without the help from each of these guys our build wouldn’t be as special.


Our GT500 Widebody won the Design Excellence Award from Ford this year and that means a great deal to us as there were some killer cars up for it. The car looked amazing in the Vegas sun and there was a crowd around it all week during the show. In fact, when Ford received their award from SEMA for the Hottest Car of the year they chose to do the interview in front of our car. CBS News even did a live segment from the drivers seat. Again, we had great partners on that build and we would like to thank Patrick and the crew at SCT, Whipple Superchargers, Shawn and Chrissy Paul for the over the top interior, AC and Leo at Forgiato Wheels, Tom from MovIt Brakes, Gale, Gil and the guys at Banks Power, BASF Refinish, Jeff from W2 Graphics and Bill, Steve and Ted from Denbeste Motorsports for getting the car back and forth when we needed to install the brakes on a Sunday literally just before the move into SEMA.


The Hot Wheels Transit Connect was a major success! We had some help from Mark at HR&D, The crew at Sortimo, Shawn Paul at SPC for the super cool interior upgrades, Patrick at SCT, David and his crew at Blue Fusion, Jeff from W2 once again and BASF. It by far was the most challenging build we have ever done having only seven weeks to do a complete redesign and construction of not only the van but the other two vehicles.


Now to thank the most important people… Our families. The guys in the shop worked 90-100 per week for seven weeks straight to get all of these builds done on time. That is a lot of time spent away from home and without the support of those stuck at home waiting on us we would never be able to do what we do here….

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